Hear from some parents who have worked with ADI

As a parent of a child with ASD, working full time, with no nearby family and a husband working long hours, I was unsure how I could fit RDI into our busy lives. I now have another child and life is even busier, but I can not imagine our life without RDI.

It has alleviated the guilt I had of ‘am I doing enough’ and feeling very unqualified to know my own sons needs and the best things to do for him. RDI uses the very limited time I have to best help him and in just over a year, he has changed from a boy who was 'not there', content in his own world, zero eye contact and no visible emotion, to a boy who looks, laughs and enjoys experiences.

He is showing a cheeky side, has amazing receptive language and even toilet trained himself.

Apart from the obvious and constant improvements that we see in Adam, it has been great for me to switch from saying "he can't do that" and shying away from 'usual' activities, to now saying "let's give it a try" and being excited at the thought of what he will achieve. Kathleen has given us back our little boy and I feel that we have a clear path into our future.

Mum of 3yr old boy ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I had previously done ABA therapy with little or no success. My son was having constant meltdowns on a daily basis and not engaging with anyone. I contacted Kath and have not looked back. She gave us the skills to work on with this emotional regulation, flexibility, motivation and communication to name a few. RDI is about getting to the core of the problem not just masking it with a reinforcer. Thank you Kath and thank you RDI.

Mum of 10yr old boy ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I am a mum of a 6 year old boy diagnosed with Autism, I want to personally thank Kathleen and the RDI program. I felt like I was drowning and failing as a mother.
The head of Special Education at his school suggested the RDI Program. I rang Kathleen and from the moment I first spoke to her the support I have received has been amazing.
No more going to endless appointments, she comes to me. My son can now hold hands when walking in pairs as is required in a class room setting and his meltdowns have decreased significantly.
The school has commented on how great the program has been for his coping with every day challenges.
I rate this program an 11/10 it is brilliant. I can’t wait to continue this amazing journey

THANK YOU 11 out of 10!